About Our Chocolate Fountain Rental:

Q- What type of chocolate do you use?
A- We use a premium Belgian Coverture chocolate which is specially formulated to flow over the fountain and have a wonderful taste. Nothing but delicious, real chocolate is found in our chocolate fountains and as our past clients can tell you - it is delicious. Fountains come in dark, milk, or white chocolate with specialty flavorings available.

Q- Is the chocolate hot?
A- The chocolate is warm, but not hot. You can dip an item in the fountain and safely enjoy it immediately without allowing it to cool.

Q- What Type of fountains do you use.
A- We use only the highest Quality Sephra brand fountains

Q- Can I use the chocolate fountain outside?
A- When it comes to outdoor chocolate fountain rentals, we generally suggest no. The only exception is if the chocolate fountain is completely enclosed or in an area where absolutely no wind would be able to reach it. Outside air temperature plays an important factor on the flowing consistency of the chocolate and even a slight breeze will blow the chocolate outside of the fountain and onto everything around it. Finally, flying critters tend to be very attracted to the chocolate's sweet aroma.

Q- Can I use the chocolate fountain in place of the wedding cake?
A- Absolutely, many of our brides have chosen to have a chocolate fountain instead of a traditional wedding cake. They often dip a piece of cake into the fountain for the ceremony and it provides guests a much broader choice of desserts. Price comparisons have shown that the fountain is sometimes even less expensive then a traditional wedding cake. Guests have been delighted!

Q- Is your company insured?
A- Yes, we have liability insurance. Proof is available for your banquet hall or facility. We always recommend that you require liability insurance from all your vendors for your special event.

Q- What is the maximum number of guests that the chocolate dipping fountain will serve?
A- Our fountains are ideal for events of all sizes. No event is too big or too small. We can accommodate groups of 40 to 4,000 people. We work with you to customize each event to your specific needs.

Q- What are the table and electrical requirements?
A- The chocolate dipping fountain requires a sturdy, level table for it to operate properly (must hold 100 lbs.) The table should be covered and skirted in table linen coordinating with your event. The fountain also requires a dedicated, 120 volt electrical outlet with 15 amps within 10 feet of where the fountain will be located.

Q- Who is responsible for set-up, maintenance, tear-down, and clean-up of the chocolate dipping fountain?
A- We do all the work for you! We arrive with ample time to ensure that your chocolate fountain will be ready for your guests. A professional attendant will be on hand to show your guests how to enjoy the fountain as well as to keep the fountain pristine at all times. Once the event is over, we will dismantle and clean up and remove the fountain.

Q- How long can I have the chocolate dipping fountain at my event?
A- Our package includes up to (4) hours of service (depending on package), not including set-up and breakdown which are on our own time. There is extensive labor in melting the chocolate for your event, preparing the fountain, as well as cleaning the fountain and its parts after your event. Additional hours are available at a minimal charge.

Q- What can be dipped in the chocolate dipping fountain?
A- We will work with you to provide a delicious array of decadent desserts to be dipped into the chocolate. The possibilities for dipping are endless! You can only image the possibilities? You can dip strawberries, pineapple, rice crispy treats, donut holes, apples, vanilla wafers, pound cake, cookies, biscotti, marshmallows, bananas, cream puffs, Oreos, dried apricots, lady fingers, macaroons and more... If your caterer is not providing dipping items, we can provide a wonderful array. Check out our top ten dipping items here.

Q- Do you require reservations and deposits?
A- Yes! A 50% deposit is required to guarantee your date. Reservations are on a first come first serve basis.

Q- What areas do you service?
A- We serve the Tri State Area and beyond